Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Venography (MRAV)

Discover SPIN MRAV

Flexible interleaved GRE sequence
MRA, SWI and SWIM in a single scan
Spectacular small vascular visualization
No motion-related misregistrations between MRA and SWI

How does MRAV work?

The sequence has two interleaved TR blocks and flexible options for multipule flip angles in a single scan.
The first one is flow rephased using first-order moment nulling gradient dynamically calculated with the phase encoding gradients and echo times taken into account.
On the other hand, the second TR block is flow dephased using bipolar gradients with a low VENC value. SPIN software generate an enhanced MRA using the subtraction of the two interleaved data sets to get rid of the signal from static tissues exactly. TrueSWI and SWIM data is derived from the dephased data as well.

Clinical use:

  • arteriovenous malformation (AVM)
  • tumor evaluation
  • traumatic brain injury (TBI) which require detailed vascular information for best diagnostic interpretation.
The SPIN-Research software download link can be found below, at our spinoff company, SpinTech, Inc.  Thank you.
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