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Magnetic Resonance Innovations, Inc. began as a patent holding company in 1994. One of these was Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI), which has become a very successful method in MRI and has brought in more than $2M in licensing fees to Magnetic Resonance Innovations, Inc.  over the past ten years.
During the first 15 years, the staff at Magnetic Resonance Innovations, Inc. created a state-of-the-art radiology research software called SPIN (signal processing in MRI) that is now used by roughly 10,000 people worldwide.
For the last five years, this software has been enhanced by specialized modules that provide the radiologist with a tool for quantitative image analysis in a number of key areas related to neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and traumatic brain injury. As a result, this software has attracted the attention of the pharmaceutical industry, making us a resource in analyzing blood flow, iron content, cerebral microbleeds and white matter hyperintensities.
More recently, our focus has been on establishing a worldwide set of protocols for neurodegenerative disease. As we have established this approach over the last few years, we have collected more than 3000 cases of dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke and trauma.  This network has the potential for data mining to understand the etiology of disease and provide a key source of data mining information.
to improve clinicians’ ability to positively affect the lives of people suffering from neurodegenerative disease.
to create industry standard software for MR image processing used by radiologists, hospitals and researchers to effectively diagnose neurological diseases.
to provide an FDA approved, easy to use and fully automated image processing and quantitative analysis software deployable in an on-demand cloud environment.

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